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use this for Ann Arbor Highlights tour

Ann Arbor Highlights Tour

If you’re new to town or only here for a short visit, the Ann Arbor Highlights Tour is for you.  You see the best of Ann Arbor in a couple of hours of walking, learn the city’s history, check out the crazy variety of architecture and explore the local food scene.  This tour always includes […]

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Lucky Foodie

Ann Arbor has been named one of America’s foodiest towns, and it just keeps getting foodier. Those of us who are passionate about everything food feel so lucky to live in a town where there’s something special for us foodies everyday. I first heard the term “foodie” in 1998 from a woman who described herself […]

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A Whole Mess of Museums

This is a longer post than usual because I want to give lots of information to create your own museum tour.  I’m happy to take you around, but you can do this on your own!  This isn’t D.C.  You don’t even need a car to discover the extensive museums and galleries that Ann Arbor and […]

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Miracle Art Fair Weather!

We had an exciting week in Ann Arbor!  The U’s new President officially started his job, and we had miracle Art Fair weather.  No rain, no hail, no heat, no humidity.  I can’t remember an Art Fair, which always occurs the third week in July, that didn’t have at least one storm.  I always feel so […]

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We have a new mall on Washtenaw Ave that opened a few months ago—Arbor Hills.  I haven’t had time to explore the shopping much, but I met a friend for an early brunch at Zola Bistro last Saturday before it got too crowded.  I didn’t do a side-by-side comparison, but the menu seemed about the […]

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Ann Arbor has embraced the mixology trend.  According to, “mixology” is generally accepted as a “slang term for a refined and in depth study of the art and craft of mixing.”  In 1948, Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defined “mixology” as “the art or skill of preparing mixed drinks.”  Some use the term “craft cocktails.”  There’s a […]

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Excited about food!

I’ve already mentioned I’m from a foodie family.  My family gets excited about food!  The food that excited me the most at the farmer’s market this week was something that usually excites me, just not this time of year—asparagus.  But thanks to Rena at Locavorious, I got fresh-frozen, vitamin-filled, ready-to-cook-and-eat asparagus.  I immediately came home […]

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Showing Off Treetown

I got to do one of my favorite tours the other night in the first really cool, damp fall evening we’ve had this year.  I was touring with a couple who was thinking of moving here from Chicago.  It was a tour where I simply had to walk around town and talk about how great […]

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Why I love Ann Arbor.

There were a lot of reasons I fell in love with Ann Arbor Thanksgiving break, 1974, when I came to visit my brother in grad school here. First was the food, of course—so many choices!  My hometown had less than 10 places to eat out–total.  Ann Arbor had (and still does) a plethora of choices […]

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Pilar's Tamales

Foodie Family

The women in my family—actually, most of the women in Brownsville, PA (my hometown)—are/were incredible cooks. It’s a small town with a wonderfully diverse, integrated population from Hungary, Poland, Syria and Italy who were attracted to jobs in the coal mines and steel mills. My Grandma Pearl was Hungarian and a cooking fool! And she […]

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